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The ceremony to become a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus is called an Exemplification of the Fourth Degree.

An Exemplification of the Fourth Degree will be held on:

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Quality Inn & Suites
800 N Kinzie Ave
Bradley, IL 60915

To download the packet and view any additional information, visit the Master Website page:


In order to download or view many of the links on this, you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be obtained here:

Each year, at the February exemplification dinner, the Master will present the Master Awards as requested by each assembly. The Faithful Navigator will submit two nominees from the recommendations of its own Masters Award Committee.

Each Council of the Blanchette Assembly may submit one nominee for consideration of the Masters Award. The nomination form can be obtained by clicking on the
Masters Award Nomination Form Word Document or PDF Document.

Councils will need to fill the nomination form out and give it the Faithful Navigator, who in turn will pass it along to his nomination committee.

The following Sir Knights from the Bishop Romeo Blanchette Assembly are recipients of the Masters Award:
YearSir KnightSir Knight
2008Loni HowardTim Rogers
2009Jim RussellMark Waypa
2010Frank BellinoJames Snyder
2011Jerry BevignaniRay Scott
2012Rev. James AntiporekChristopher Prazak
2013Garry DalyRon Kinsley
2014Deacon Tom FrickeJohn Lamb
2015James SchmidtThomas Wroblewski
2016Terry FenelonKirby Williams
2017Bob CamronJohn Moravecek
2018Robert PellegriniNorman Pemenko
2019Edmund SzefcJohn Zabinski
2020Geroge McConaghyJoe Testolin
2021Bruce KlecklerEric Wood
2022Ken DiLuioRick Llaness
2023Tom KmetCharles Schlabach

The next presentation of Master Awards will be presented on February 11, 2023.

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  1. Contact your councils fourth degree representative, Grand Knight, or Financial Secretary for a Form 4 Application.
  2. Download the Packet from the Master's website:

    May 20, 2023 Exemplification Packet (includes Reservation Form)
  3. Using the information packet, fill out the Form 4 and Reservation Form and submit to a Sir Knight that will sponsor you. Make sure the information is clear and complete. The First Degree Date and Membership number MUST be listed.
  4. The submitted form will be reviewed and voted on by the Assembly. You will need to attach a check or cash to the reservation form. The form and Form 4 must be submitted to the assembly for approval. Once accepted and approved, the Assembly will forward the Form 4 and the reservation form to the Master.
  5. All of the information you will need can be found in the Information Packet and Reservation Form.
    For follow up questions contact the Assembly or Secretary to the Master.

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  • You must be a Third Degree member in good standing.
  • You must be sponsored by a Sir Knight, and approved for membership by a Fourth Degree Assembly.
  • Exemplifications are usually held three times a year (one for each diocese).

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The District helps offset some of the costs of the exemplification via ads in the
Program Ad Book. Program Ad Book.    Each Council and Assembly is asked to support this effort.

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The dress code for the exemplification for candidates and Sir Knights will be black, dark gray, or blue business suit with dark socks, black shoes, white dress shirt and tie or, if preferred, a black tuxedo, white tuxedo shirt with a plain white shirt, black bow tie, black socks and black shoes.

Note: Only plain white shirts are permitted. Winged collars, studs and cufflinks are prohibited.

Candidates may not wear Knights of Columbus jewels or name badges. Jewels of office may be worn by active officers only. Members of the Armed Forces, policemen and firefighters may wear their full dress uniform in lieu of tuxedo. Priests may wear clerical garb with Collar.

All Sir Knights, especially the new Sir Knights, should attend the banquet with their ladies and guests to celebrate the Exemplification of the Fourth Degree. Dress code for the banquet is as follows:

Clergy: May wear their clerical attire; and members of the armed forces, full time Police and Firefighter Officers may wear their respective dress uniforms.

Observers: Same as candidates, although those Sir Knights with the new uniform are allowed to wear the uniform for the events of the day.

Ladies should wear evening dresses suitable for the occasion.

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If you are looking to purchase a tuxedo or some accessories, Steve Pyszka of our Assembly, has an arragement with Henry Segal Tuxedos offering special pricing.

Steve has also provided us with our Assembly Shirts.

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Regalia is no longer available. Only the new uniform can be purchased. Regalia can no longer be worn after June 30, 2019.

The Fourth Degree Uniform website is officially live and functional and ready to accept orders! It can be found at: www.kofcuniform.com.

There is also a slider on Knightsgear.com that will lead you to the website to place an order. This will also allow you to order your colored patch for your beret.

Addition Knights of Columbus items can be purchased from:

The English Company
P.O. Box 811
Jefferson Valley, NY 10535

Telephone:         (800) 444-5632
Fax Number:      (914) 528-0166
Web Address:    http://www.kofcsupplies.com
Email Address:   theenglishco@optonline.net

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