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The most visible arm of the Knights of Columbus is the Color Corps of the Fourth Degree.

Our formal dress is:
  • Navy Blue Blazer with Fourth Degree Emblem Blazer Crest
  • Knights of Columbus Emblem of the Order buttons
  • Official Fourth Degree Gray trousers (no cuffs)
  • Official Fourth Degree Necktie
  • Official Fourth Degree Black Beret with Fourth Degree metal badge over appropriate colored patch of the office, as described in Section 38(c)
  • Plain White Dress Shirt – Button cuff (no French cuffs – no button down collar shirts)
  • Black Socks and Plain Black Shoes
  • Official Fourth Degree Lapel Pin (#PG-113)
  • Incumbent Medal of Office
  • Past and Former Miniature Medals above left pocket
Many have seen Color Corps at liturgical affairs, civic affairs, and Knights of Columbus affairs, indicating the importance of the event or the principal attendee.

The video below describes the good works of being part of the Knights of Columbus.

Each Fourth Degree Assembly forms a Color Corps under the direction of the Assembly’s Color Corps Commander and provides Honor Guards for Wakes for members, First Holy Communions, Confirmations, and the installations of Council and Assembly officers.

Corp Manual

   To View Color Corp Drill Manual.

For major events within a Fourth Degree District, the Assembly Color Corps unite under the direction of the District Marshal.

The Corps basically follows a naval theme with ranks and insignia. Note that the chapeaux, which are never called hats, are similar to the old naval uniforms.

Cape colors are an indication of rank as follows:

  • Supreme Master, wears a barret with a Dark Blue patch.
  • Vice Supreme Master, in charge of a Province, wears a barret with a Light Blue patch.
  • Master, in charge of a District, wears a barret with a Gold patch.
  • District Marshal (District level Color Corps Commander) wears a barret with a Green patch.
  • Faithful Navigator, in charge of an Assembly, wears a barret with a White patch.
  • Color Corps Commander wears a barret with a Purple patch.
  • Other Color Corps Members wears a barret with no patch.
Former Vice Supreme Masters, Former Masters, and Past Faithful Navigators are all permitted to wear their respective capes and chapeaux when they finish their term of office. Marshals and Commanders wear the distinctive colors only while serving in that Function.

All Fourth Degree Sir Knights of Columbus are encouraged to join their Assembly’s Color Corps. Joining is easy and no prior military experience is required, and it is not expensive. If you are presently a member of the Fourth Degree and would be interested in joining the Color Corps contact our Faithful Navigator or our Color Corps Commander.

Bishop Romeo Blanchette Assembly - 1215 Modaff Road - Naperville, IL 60540

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